Interview with Ophélie Legris

Acting coach, Cast director, Actress

Q: Tell us about your technical specialization?

I’m an actress, acting coach, cast director. I work on the go and give theatre, improv, and singing workshops.

Q: What is your favorite food in Saudi Arabia?

I can not tell you my favorite food but I can tell you my favorite restaurant in Jeddah: it’s Khayal Restaurant.

Q: Supportive people in your life?

My husband David, my daughter, and my friends.

Q: Why do you love the field of theatre and training?

This art family is a very open minded and welcoming family. I felt i belong to it cause I was able to be myself. That’s why I love so much this field. The training part is also really important cause I feel that I can really help people discover themselves.

Q: What is your superpower?

I am diligent.

Q: Fennec in one word?

Good vibes

Q: What is your opinion and experience of attending fennec today?

It was great! People enjoyed and learnt. I love the fact that those upcoming actors were able to connect all together. I’m glad to see a community forming here in Fennec.

Q: A message you would like to share with all people?

never give up.

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