Interview with Shawn Kinley

Q: Tell us about improv?

We all improvise; we start the moment we are born, and then we do not improvise and control ourselves living in a specific way, and some of us likely remember how to improvise.

Q: What is your favorite food in Saudi Arabia?

Hummus and falafel, but moutabal is the best.

Q: Supportive people in your life?

Growing up, I read books by Aldous Huxley, James Hansen, and Robin Williams. I was reading about them and often thought about them. I feel they are part of my life, and now is my baby, who is smarter than me and responds to everything. 

Q: Why do you love the field of theater and training?

I have done it all my life, so I don’t know how to do anything else.

 Q: What is your superpower?

Read bodies.

Q: Fennec in one word?


Q: What is your opinion and experience of attending fennec today?

It’s a fantastic place that can invite people to some diversity in one area.

Q: A message you send to all people?

Take care of each other.

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